Tasting Events

Once you have booked with us we will invite you to taste our food at one of several complimentary events that we run throughout the year at Gaynes Park. This will also give you a useful opportunity to experience the dining room when it’s full of guests, very much like it will be at your wedding.

Additionally, you’ll see members of our waiting team at work and get an impression about how we discreetly serve your food and organise all of the essential arrangements.

Whilst you might not taste exactly what you’re planning to have on your wedding day it might well show you some menu choices that will spark your imagination.

It is a chance for couples to not only taste the food, but also see Gaynes Park set up and meet the Events Team. Many couples see this event as an opportunity to chat with other brides and grooms about their weddings and exchange ideas.

Our current Tasting Event menu also includes a selection of our wines from across the packages.